How to convert table lamp to wall mounted desk lamp?

How to convert table lamp to wall mounted desk lamp?

Are you bored of your old table or desk lamp and planning to replace it? If so think again you can surely make some use of it. Here in this article we bring to you simple table or a desk lamp can be converted to wall mounted desk lamp. This will the room look more interesting than before with nothing more but change of placing from desk to wall.  Step 1 –

Weight your lamp. If you think it heavy enough to tip down when mounted on the wall you will need extra support. This can be done simply adding a piece of wooden block below the lamp while fixing it on the wall. You can paint this block with same color of room or the lamp, to avoid making it look different.

Step 2 –

If you feel the base of the lamp is strong enough or lamp weight is light, there is no need to add a wooden block.

Step 3 –

With a drilling machine make two holes on either side of the lamp base and one in the center.

Step 4 –

Trace these drill hole on the wall, drill them and add support anchors into the dry wall.

Step 5 –

Through the base drill screws into the anchors in the drywall. That’s all that was needed to have wall Mounted Desk Lamp.

These should be adjusted before, to the place it needed to be fitted. They are prefect within reach and also provide pretty awesome light. They are now just no more on desk diving more space for accommodating other things like vase or photo frame. Plus the look is similar to that of hotels. Provided you have all required materials ready it will take just 30 minutes to make this entire set- up and super cheap as well. Kids really get fascinated by such light fixtures. If you have folding or a movable shade holder in the lamp, it will give added advantage of moving the lamp to any corner of desk required while working. Having these around edges of beds will give a spa like appeal to room.


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