How to clean wooden chandeliers

How to clean wooden chandeliers

Wooden chandeliers are not only beautiful, they are also intricate pieces but you have to ensure that they are well maintained, therefore cleaning them is paramount. Cleaning a wooden chandelier is very easy and the end result is always stunning. With wooden chandeliers, you have to worry less about water and moisture reaching the electrical components because you have different options for example, you can just wipe off its surface.

In order to clean your chandelier, you will need at least two micro fiber cloths, wooden cleanser and a ladder if it is unreachable.

The cleaning procedure

Before cleaning your wooden chandelier, you have to ensure that the lights are off and the bulbs on the chandelier are cool. Set the ladder in a sturdy position and comfortable enough to reach the chandeliers. You have to start at the top heading down wards by spraying the wooden cleanser on the chandelier then wiping it with the micro fiber cloth. Replace the cloths whenever they get dirty.

Cleaning the wooden chandelier piece by piece

There are instances where the wooden chandelier requires thorough cleaning; in this case you will need a mild washing detergent, lint free cloth, ladder, plastic colander. When cleaning wooden chandeliers, it is always important to ensure that the power is completely off and the bulbs have cooled off. Place a heavy cushion or blanket under the chandelier to prevent chandelier pieces from falling during the dissembling process.

It is also recommended to take pictures of the fixture from different angles before dissembling the pieces of the chandelier. Carefully remove the pieces one after another and lay them carefully on the blanket. Once all the pieces are removed, clean them in your mild washing detergent rinse them in hot water and lay the pieces in a dry cloth to allow them to completely dry and repeat the same process until all the components are washed and dried. Reassemble your wooden chandelier and fix them.

The benefit is that there are other home remedies that you can use to clean your wooden chandelier and to make work easier; you have to make sure that you dust the chandelier before cleaning it. In addition, when you are re assembling the chandelier, you have to work from the inner part, to the center and then outside. It is also important to ensure that you dust the light bulbs before re installing them to the wooden chandelier.

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