How to choose the right home light fixtures

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Lighting is the key feature and the most importCeiling Bathroom Light Fixtures ideas for bathroom light ant décor element. Home Light fixtures  have to be well planned and chosen with great care and attention to detail. Deciding on light fixtures is not an easy task. It requires a lot of organization and research to zero in on the appropriate fixtures to achieve the desired ambience. Every part of the house has to be addressed according to its functionality and requirement.

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This is the most important part of the house.  It has to be made to look inviting and welcoming. This can be achieved with the help of strategically placed appropriate home light fixtures like large floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant lights or accent lamps.

Living Room

Being a place for family entertainment and relaxation, it is important to create the right impression.Ceiling Bathroom Light Fixtures ... bathroom ceiling light It would be wise to opt for permanent light fixtures for the living room. A big chandelier matching the décor of the room could be the focal point of the living room. Alternately, ornate ceiling fans fitted with mood lighting spotlights can be used. Additionally, floor lamps, table lamps and sconces can be used to create visual drama for which dimmer switches are an absolute necessity.

Ceiling Bathroom Light Fixtures bathroom lighting flushmounts>Dining Room.

This is the most active portion of the house and the easiest to decorate. The best lighting fixture for the dining room is the chandelier or low-hanging pendant lights or fitted right above the dining table. Layered lighting can be achieved with the help of spot lights, wall sconces, task lights or accent lights to help off the action at the table.

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Since there is no single focal point in the kitchen, more complex lighting fixtures like under counter lights and cabinet lights are required.  Over head lighting fixtures like spotlights, task lights, or pendant lights are required above the sink and the kitchen island. It would be beneficial to have more than one pendant light in the kitchen.


The bedroom is aCeiling Bathroom Light Fixtures image of: built in warm restful place and has to be provided with lighting fixtures that exude warmth and comfort. Generally, task lighting is used on the bedside. Accent lights and table lamps lend a sense of warmth to the décor while accentuating any artwork on display.  Dimmer lamps are a must to achieve the right ambience.


The bathroom is considered to be the “me-time “space. Multiple lighting fixtures can be in the bathroom. The area around the mirror has to be bright enough and this would require task lights placed around it. A dimmer switch on the task lighting will help in adjusting the light during daytime. A chandelier or a pendant

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