How to choose best outside wall lights?

How to choose best outside wall lights?

A wide range of outside wall lights are available and tend to confuse us a lot. Here’s a simple things to consider while purchasing theses light.

  • Understand the space area; light need to illuminate a large patio and small porch is different.
  • Size and style of the light and if it goes with existing external decorations.
  • Purpose – it is essential to know the function of light if its for robust security light or just decorative purpose.

These 3 initial steps should be followed to start off your search. We have some inspiration for you. These will guide to have prefect answer to different functions needed from your outdoor lighting.  Let’s take look of these Outdoor Wall Light Inspiration –

Lighting for Security –

Illumination is must for larger space and search for robust and practical wall lighting should be done. An integrated PIR motion sensor is also a needed for both rear and front side of the property. These lights activates with movements from range of 12m which is best in case any intruder is coming from the deep garden area.

Contemporary Style –

If placed strategically around your home these exterior light setting will create a stylish impression. Going for steel lighting opt for galvanized steel wall washer and for even distribution of light it should have polycarbonate diffuser.

Classic and Traditional Style –

For a traditional and elegant outside wall lights lanterns will be great option. Many online dealer also have collection in categories like ‘antique’ or classic. Go for it if it matches with you exterior décor. Lanterns give authentic look with their beveled clear glass and handsome exterior look.

Lights for Smaller Spaces –

Wall light enhance the beauty of the house. Remember its first thing guest see when come to your place, so no matter how small your outdoor area is don’t be shy to install it. Option such a recessed piece or a bamboo wall light which a compact streamline fitting, will be look standard and take very little room. It is sleek and energy efficient at the same time.


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