How to choose bedroom side table lamps?

How to choose bedroom side table lamps?

Lighting provides aesthetic as well as functional value. When you want to choose table lamps by their bed side you will have to consider the purpose as well as the decor of the room. The Bedroom side table lamps can be used for many reasons. It can be used for reading before going to sleep, play games on IPad or IPhone or just send messages on WhatsApp. The lighting should not disturb others at the same time provide sufficient light to you so that your eyes are not strained.

How do you choose table lamps?

There are many considerations, which you have to bear in mind while choosing the table lamps.

The decor of the Home – one important consideration while choosing the table lamps is to keep the room and home decor of your home.
Colour – The colour, design and style should complement the existing designs of the room and furniture in the room.

The size of the room – The next important thing is the size of the room and furniture. The lamps should blend with the furniture and provide an aesthetic look to the entire room.

Lighting – You should choose the lighting depending upon the placement and the lighting required. If you want the area of lighting to be broad, you may require more powerful lamps and bigger lamp fixtures and placement should also cover a wider area.

Hence, when choosing the bedroom side table lamps, you should keep in mind all the important factors which can enhance the appeal of the room. You should also make sure that the lamp should be handy and should be easily accessible and at the same time not disturbing.

Choice based on Purpose

If you are choosing the lamps for a specific purpose, you should keep that purpose in mind apart from general guidelines.

Children – If you are wanting a lamp for children’s bedroom then you should choose fixtures which child likes adding a bit of excitement and fun. They should have fun themes like princesses, animals, flowers etc.

Master – If the lamp is for master bedroom then chooses the fixture and lamp which is luxurious since it is the heart of the home. You can choose rich colours with expensive options to bring elegance to the room.

Guests – It is the appeal you create at the guest rooms, which will become a talking point. Hence, choose carefully so that guests feel welcome and fell comfortable to use for many applications.


Make sure you choose the bedroom side table lamps with care considering the purpose and existing decor of the home. The right lamps will enhance the value of your home and is also very functional.

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