How to arrange your room in a perfect way

Arranging ones room is a personal thing. As every individual is different the taste and aesthetics also differ with regard to furnishing the room. Everything is dependent on the person’s requirement, taste and ability. The market is saturated with lot of items for furnishing our house and interior but the question is do we really require all that. Again if you are rich you can go for branded and costly stuff but if you are constantly on the move, be honest to yourself, have only minimal furniture and furnishing items. Because less the furnishing items the lesser time you need to pack up and move.

Cot and furniture

While buying furniture for your home please buy foldable and detachable ones so that one can carry it easily while moving out. Everything should be planned and in order so that we can avoid last minute tension and it makes life hassle free. Foldable chairs, shoe rack, Almirah are also available in the market. Bedding is also available for cheap rate. Always go for the base level ones if you are alone and constantly on the move. If you have a book rack in your room kindly go for the one that could be shut and locked because once dusty it will be difficult to manage.

Lighting and decor

The lighting in your room should be perfect otherwise it can damage your eyes and add gloom to your life. CFL lamps are available in the market which are user friendly and reduces the power intake. Also go for a light shade for the wall and ceiling so that the room will look more pleasant.

Periodic care

Just like a baby your room needs your periodic care and attention. It should be moped and dusted regularly. If not we will be in trouble with the flies, moths and cob webs .So do not forget to pamper your room to give it a perfect look. And remember your genius is reflected in the way you decorate your room. Try out some design magazines if you are looking for some extra glamour and power to your room.


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