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We all know the importance of lighting in our hBeautiful Floor Lamp With Table Attached brightech - omes or work areas. Ever since fire was invented man has been using it for illumination. The invention of electricity literally electrified the lives of man. Now, life without lights is an unimaginable thought. In fact, lighting these days is not purely for the sake of illumination. It is also for decoration purposes. It’s quite possible that there is not a single house out there without some kiFloor Lamp With Table Attached end tables withnd of lamp. There are various kinds of Lamps. Tables are adorned with it depending on the décor of the house.

The history of table lamps has seen some very iconic moments.

Argand Lamps

Lamps have been around for centuries. However, the Argand Lamp which was invented by Aime Argand in 1780 was the first unit that could be kept on a table.

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The Victorian Era Lamps Tables were inspired by different influences all over the world. Different traditional styles and reinterpretation of artwork from Asia and the Middle East were merged. This era gave into too much decoration or ornamentation; fringes, stained glass, beading and lots of other decorative touches.

Mission Lamps

The end of the era brought about anotheCreative Floor Lamp With Table Attached morton goldr style which was totally different. It was inspired by the Spanish Missions in the area and thus named the Mission Style. It was simple and made with natural materials. It stood out with strong vertical and horizontal lines. These Mission lamps were simple, usually made from stained glass and pyramid shaped.

Dragonfly Lamps

The Art Nouveau that came in during the late 19th aBest Floor Lamp With Table Attached floor lampnd early 20th century continued with the organic forms and decorative styles but emphasized more on flowing lines. The iconic Tiffany lamps were a mark of this century brought in by Louis Comfort Tiffany of the US. The dragonfly design was the most popular which was actually designed by Clara Driscoll who worked in the studios of Tiffany.

Art Deco Lamps

After the First World WFloor Lamp With Table Attached rudko polished steelar, there remained a very dominant form of art which was named as Art Deco. This brought about a really wide variety. From simple geometry to aerodynamic form to borrowed imagery, they did it all.

The table lamp has travelled a long way through history and is still popular in all countries. In the US ‘Lamps Plus’ and ‘Lumens’ are popular; whereas in the UK ‘Elstead’ and ‘Heals’ are liked.


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