Guide to modern lighting chandeliers

Guide to modern lighting chandeliers

Chandeliers have evolved from the traditional candlestick lamp chandeliers to the more modern and ornate ones which comprise of many form of lamps as well as arms. In modern décor themes, chandeliers take a central stage as being the most preferred decorative piece of lighting, with other variations of the chandelier such as the pendant lights following suite.

Types of Modern Lighting Chandeliers

You will find many types of chandeliers for modern lighting needs, which vary in make and finish. Some of the most notable ones include the satellite chandelier which was made as a tribute to the Soviet Union’s first satellite that was launched in space in 1957. It has a brass finish that has 12 steel antennas. Another notable one is the insect-like Serge Mouille three arm ceiling lamp. This one deviates a little bit away from the custom chandelier design that has several arms and is very ornate.  There’s also the orbit chandelier, designed by Patrick Townsend. He brings the idea of fireworks right into our homes with this chandelier, which features several dimmable light bulbs housed in wire and aluminum finish. Other types include the Alice chandelier, Modo chandelier, Meurice rectangular chandelier and the starburst LED chandeliers.

Characteristics of Modern Lighting Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are characterized by their size and make. Chandeliers are perhaps the only light fixtures that have the capability of being either large or small. You can thus find chandeliers of various sizes to suit your needs. Most chandeliers have multiple arms from where the light bulbs or lamps are held, and these are usually very ornate. You can choose different bulb types to work with the type of chandelier that you choose.

Other than that, chandeliers are very ornate. Their ornamentation thus attracts people’s eyes once they step into the room. This makes chandeliers serve two purposes, to provide some lighting as well as act as a decorative piece to a room. Modern lighting chandeliers offers diversity to the traditional design in that they are mostly characterized by the combination of pendant style chandeliers with the traditional style chandeliers. You will thus find them in various geometric shapes as well as with various pendant-style orientations.

How to Use Modern Lighting Chandeliers

You can use this type of light fixture as a source of light to a given room or as a decorative piece in a particular room. Consider the size as well as the finish of the chandelier before purchasing.

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