Guide to contemporary lighting chandeliers

Guide to contemporary lighting chandeliers

Chandeliers have been used for a very long time, dating back to the medieval ages. The then chandeliers used were movable, and could be transferred form one room to another. Over the years, the chandelier had variations in its make in the ring and the crown designs, and its ornate and intricate features made it a symbol of luxury. The chandelier was thus used in affluent homes, such as those of merchants, noblemen, and clergy. Today, the chandelier has continued to evolve to suit the needs of not just affluent homes but also some middle income homes, whose owners wish to inject some style and elegance to their home lighting. Not surprisingly, even restaurants and other commercial companies are also fast using chandeliers for decorative purposes.

Interior design has also evolved over the years, from traditional and vintage to modern or contemporary. With each décor theme there are rules and guidelines which every designer must adhere to for one to state that the design they have used is either one of these. Lighting is also one part of the whole interior design package, and contemporary lighting thus calls for lighting fixtures that allude to the rules and guidelines of contemporary design theme.

Types of Contemporary Lighting Chandeliers

The chandeliers that best suit contemporary decor include the Aleeka contemporary chandelier, the Axis-4 light chandelier, as well as the 9-light contemporary chandelier among many more. While shopping online for contemporary lighting, you will find various types of contemporary chandeliers for you to choose from.

Characteristics of Contemporary Lighting Chandeliers

Most contemporary chandeliers follow the basic rules of contemporary design, which is centered on geometric shapes. You will thus find that the chandeliers have at least some form of geometry in their make. You will find circular, square, ovoid or even rectangular chandeliers falling under the contemporary design theme. This will thus compliment the whole house that is biased towards contemporary.

These chandeliers are also mostly large in size. This may seem to be quite in contrast to contemporary design theme’s less is more motto, but the size actually compliments the whole room with wide open spaces. You will also find contemporary lighting chandeliers come in other sizes, such as small and medium.

The finish of the chandelier as well as the design should be considered when out shopping for one. Some chandeliers are mostly glass made, while other combine different metals to give different finishing which can suit a majority of contemporary homes nicely,

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