Guide to choosing wall sconces

Guide to choosing wall sconces

Sconces are light fixtures that are affixed to the wall so that they sit straight from the wall. This is usually made possible by use of an arm fixture to offer support for the light fixture. Scones offer very good lighting but cannot be used everywhere in the home. There are areas where it will work well while in other areas they may not be suitable for use. Thus, here is a short guide on how to choose sconces for your home.

Determine the Area Where to Place the Sconces

Just as mentioned earlier, the area where the sconces will be placed will determine the type of sconces you will get. Most sconces are ideally used in the bathrooms for task lighting purposes. The type of sconces used here will most likely be the top down type, which offers illumination on both the top and bottom of the fixture. The whole area around the sconce will thus be illuminated. Other types, such as the upward and downward sconce are best used where you want to place emphasis on certain areas such as the hallways or walls.

Check Your Home Décor Theme

The home décor theme cannot go unmentioned in choosing wall scones. This is because the different themes will support the use of different home fixtures, and wall sconces are one of them. You will find that the different types of sconces come in different design styles, thus look at what the home décor in your house is before getting the sconce. Pay attention to things like color, type of fixture material used as well as installation method.

Know the Best Positioning for the Sconces

Having the sconces placed in different positions on the wall will give you varying degrees of illumination in the area where they are placed. Bathroom task lighting needs you to position two sconces at either side of the vanity mirror while lighting other areas like the dining room or hallway requires you to position the sconces not less than 5 feet from the floor of the house. You can however vary this height as not all walls are of the same height.

Apart from the above mentioned, you should also keep in mind that you will need to use more than one wall sconces in a particular area for proper illumination. This will however depend on the purpose of you buying the sconces, whether for task lighting or for general ambient lighting.


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