Give your home a new look with steampunk wall sconce

Give your home a new look with steampunk wall sconce

The steampunk wall sconce is perfect for retail space, home or office. It is versatile and cool with a simple industrial look. The base of the lamp is 4.25” and can be dimmed. All standard bulbs can be fitted on this wall sconce. The socket is of heavy duty and standard size i.e.120V -240V. It is hardwired to junction box.

Steampunk Wall Sconce that can add a Unique Look

Steampunk wall sconce is like the nautical lights used in the old days. It is a modern piece made from heavy bronze hardware which is beautifully shaped to fit on a glass shade blown by mouth and hammered. This wall sconce can be illuminated by LED modules.

It is designed for interiors, modern bathrooms as well as outdoors. It is an innovative choice of decorative  lighting used in contemporary and transitional styles. The manufacturers have been around for 30 years producing these innovative lighting solutions.

Steampunk Wall Sconce to give your Patio a decorative look

It is made from old pipe fittings and has a large diameter. It is suspended by a notch. It looks perfect in a restaurant, bar, medical office or factory. The bulb has to be bought separately. All steampunk wall sconces are customized for each customer. The time taken is 1 – 2 weeks.

It is a handmade item and has a charm of its own. It is constructed using acier, metal and fonte and shipped all over the world. Those who like to add it to their collection can get it online.

Different Items Sold by Steampunk Lamp Company

Steampunk Lamp Company sells steampunk lamps, wall sconces, coat racks and antique bulbs for all those interested in using these in decorating their homes. All these unique fittings take you back to the steam age. All these items are hand   made in the United States.

Each Steampunk lamp is made inspected and securely packed ready for use when it arrives. Every single purchase is accompanied by free gift of a bulb of your specific choice, smoke, clear or speckled. Besides this you can pick additional antique bulbs in packs of three.

So, if you are interested in steampunk wall sconce, you can order them online.


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