Get floor lamp white to brighten up the place

Add modern and contemporary look to your décor with floor lamp white. Its sleek and versatile base can blend seamlessly with many decors. It has a white shade that spreads light evenly. It is perfect for the outdoors especially for the deck.

A Floor Lamp White that can be used anywhere

The lamp comes with adjustable height besides adding 3 inches to raise the lamp to the best height to meet your requirements. This can be used in the entryway, deck, den or the living room. This lamp can fit well with traditional furniture.

It is a stylish floor lamp that is made of steel, cotton, metal and tetron. It requires a bulb of 150W and has a white steel finish. GU24 adaptor is included with it and has telescoping height. The A-line shade is removable. It has a three way rotary switch.

Advantages of Floor Lamps White

LED fluorescent light is the newest addition of floor lamp white and can be used to light up the exteriors. It is made up of white chip modules of LED and comes with a long life span besides being energy saving, radiation free,  stroboflash free  and environment friendly.

It is also easy to install and you can save a lot of electricity. It lasts 10 times more than other fluorescent lights and is  easy on can be used in market places, factories,  schools,  offices and houses. Use it in floor lamps as well as table lamps to brighten the living room.

How Lamps can enhance a Space?

Lamps not only fulfil the lighting needs but also add a decorative touch to the place. With lights you can change the look of the place. Table lamps are some of the lamps you see in many homes today. They come in a wide range of colours and shape and are usually placed on the corner tables.

Floor lamps are not as popular as the other lights but have a charm of their own. They are good for lighting up boring corners of rooms or entryways. They come with long stands and can easily be placed anywhere.

So if you want to brighten up your place with floor lamp white, choose the ones that are decorative.


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