Finding the right reading lamps

Finding the right reading lamps

Reading lamps are important not just to students but also to those who love reading before bedtime. Finding the right reading lamp is something that most people rarely think about. So long as you have light, you can read. Thus you will find most people reading using the room’s overhead lights rather than a desk lamp, or a reading lamp. Here are a few tip to help you find the right reading lamp.

Get the Correct Wattage

Too much light will cause glare while too little will make you strain while reading. It is estimated that people at different ages will require different amounts of light for reading. Children can read with as little as 40 watts and the percentage increase by 1% each year. Thus, if you are 25 you will need to use light bulbs of around 60 watts. You can use this small hint to determine your reading wattage needs.

Get the Correct type of Shaded Lamp

Most reading lamps or task lighting lamps come in different shades. As the reading is more focused on the desk, with light illuminating the task on the desk, your eyes remain focused there and adjust to this light. However when you stray your eyes from the task and look away at another area of your room, your eyes dilates, trying to adjust to this new light. With time, if the contrast between the reading light and the surrounding light is too much, your eyes will become fatigued. It is thus recommended that you use a translucent shade, as it illuminates light on your task as well as diffuses the light sideways and upwards to illuminate the ceiling and walls.

Get the Correct type of bulb

There are different bulbs to use for your reading lamp. You may be tempted to purchase a high wattage bulb then use a dimmer to decrease the amount of light. This is a bit tricky s the light mostly glows yellow and may not be good for reading. Instead, opt for the three way bulb that has two filaments inside to vary precisely the amount of light you need for reading. There are also halogen and other types of bulbs but these are not suitable for reading.

Get the Right Positioning

You may not necessarily have a desk reading lamp. There are also table lamps, floor lamps and wall mounted lamps. Having these placed in the right position; on your side, just behind you and at eye level, is highly recommended. You should also not be able to see th light source while reading.





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