Exterior lighting guide

Exterior lighting guide

The importance of a well-executed exterior lighting (or outdoor lighting) cannot be over emphasised. Most of the best features of any architectural design of our homes are usually hidden in the night that is why a properly executed exterior lighting is very beneficial to your home for some many good reasons. Do you know that a very beautiful well laid exterior lighting can actually increase the market value of your home upto about 50 percent? Not only those it add value to your home, it may also serve for security purposes by helping to prevent intruders. Think about the feeling you get when you drive through some homes in the evening and tell me what you think about the usefulness of a well-planned outdoor lighting. Some of the techniques you can use in your exterior lighting are highlighted below. The elements of a. Well executed external lighting are also discussed.


Some of the techniques mostly used by designers include; uplifts, trees highlight and mimicking the moonlight. Mimicking moonlight is used when there is need to obtain a light intensity that is similar to that of the moon. It gives a natural look to the appearance of the surrounding with a moonlight effect. Just as the name indicates, ‘Trees highlight’ is a technique that involves highlighting trees by mounting lights on them to give a more pronounced effect to their existence. Up lighting is used basically used to highlight the architectural features and structure of the home.

Having discussed some of the important techniques you can use for your exterior lighting; we may now consider some elements of a successful exterior lighting design.


It is important to have a focus in your design. The usual focal point of any exterior lighting is the entryway but you may decide to try something new.


Several fixtures are used by designers. Some of the common ones are area lights, step lights, workhorses, and post lights. Your exterior lighting can be more beautiful when you apply varieties of fixtures.

Light intensity

It is recommended to use warm light. Several colors exist but it is more preferable among to use warm light especially white. Using so many colors will create a color show and also a hidden view of the architectural and landscape features of the house.

Security and safety

It is essential that the safety of live is guaranteed. Lighting on stairs and pathways and exterior lighting go a long way to reduce accident and injury. You can combine safety and security by making some improvements and adding certain devices to your exterior lighting such as landscape switches. Also most of the techniques come with built in security features. This way you will make the house a safer habitation and at the same time prevent intruders.

A well executed exterior lighting is the beauty of any home especially during the night. Also seek the advice and services of a good designer around.

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