Essential tips on low voltage garden lighting

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Outdoor lighting plays several important roles Low Voltage Lights ... low voltage led landscape to your home yard. It can be used to provide general lighting during the evenings to illuminate dark spots, steps, paths and most importantly enhance the beauty of your yard. , Making the low voltage garden lighting installation is a big sway DIY project. The fact that it is a low voltage makes it safer to install it yourself, even for newbies.

A successful garden lighting plan requires theLow Voltage Lights new malibu (patriot) low voltage selection of appropriate fixtures, positioning and wiring them correctly. Here’s a simple guide into planning for a low voltage garden lighting.

Selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures

When you need to illuminate different parts of the garden, there are certain types of fixtures that are best suited for certain parts. For instance, if you are illuminating the ponds, pooStunning Low Voltage Lights low-voltage led black metalls or any other water related features select only the waterproof pond lights for that purpose. As for lighting the paths and walkways, you should consider using the offset path lighting fixtures. As for lighting plants and other surrounding vegetation, the cone lights are the most suitable. Trees and other large elements in the garden are best lit with flood lights.

Make room for futureContemporary Low Voltage Lights ... low voltage led expansions

When buying a transformer for lighting, consider buying a larger one than what is actually needed. This is called taking care of the future. Who knows, you may need to expand your lighting to other parts of the garden and that wouldn’t mean going for a bigger transformer. For instance, if you will be making light installations of up to 400 watts, consider buying a transforLow Voltage Lights complete low voltage landscape lightingmer with a higher wattage, like 600 watts.

Keep the lighting optimal

When lighting your garden, always avoid over- lighting. The outdoor space looks much better with just the right amount of lighting. When you flood light the sitting zones, planting spots with stadium kind of lighting, the area looks completely washed out. Always keep it optimal.

Lighting pathsMajestic Low Voltage Lights kichler low voltage pathp>

When lighting the walkways and paths around the garden, decide whether you’ll need to light the paths only or the surrounding features as well. This is a consideration because the wider the area to light, the higher the lighting pole will be. Lighting paths and walkways generally require halogen bulbs with 20 watts. The heights should be spaced at 10 feet.

Consider seasonal factors

When making low voltage garden lighting installations, consider doing it in areas that they won’t be damaged by shovels or plows. There are types of plants, likes of dogwoods and hydrangea bushes which look splendid when lit up. If you have such plants around your garden, consider making the lighting installations next to them.

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