Diy wall sconce with shade

Diy wall sconce with shade

Every light fixture when added initially looks best and appeal but later fail to keep us excited about it. Here in the articles we have DIY that will help to make new shades for your sconces.

Materials – (this will make two shades)

  • White poster board or any color you want.
  • wood quilting hoop
  • 4′ plastic corner guard
  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • 3M strips
  • strong saw or scissors that can cut wood pieces, branch cutter may also be used.
  • tape measure/ruler

Method –

  1. Of your quilting hoop take its inner circle. With the help of ruler, cut the loop exactly from the half. Use of sharp scissors or cutter can be done for this. This will give you two semi circles.
  2. Know the exact length of the shade you will need as per your sconce height.
  3. Take a decorative poster paper. Cut it equal to this measurement or a little more in case you want to fold them inside the shade. Use LED bulbs which do not give out any or very little heat, so that paper of the shade is not damaged.
  4. Hot gun glue is usually advised. If you are confident of your glue go ahead and use it carefully.
  5. Align the edge of the poster paper to the wood pieces and secure them firmly. Repeat the same on both the edges. Fold the edges gently inwards to have tight grips. Keep it aside for drying before manhandling them.
  6. Cut out two pieces of your corner guard with a width that is similar to your shade. It can be easily cut by the scissors. Positioning of the guard will be few millimeters away from the edges. Glue it to the ends of the wooden pieces.
  7. This completes your shade of the sconce. What remains now is fixing or mounting it on the wall. We prefer 3M than others as doesn’t damage the wall behind. Cut the strip of 3M in size equal to that of the corner guard and paste it on the wall. So your very own made scone with shade is ready.
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