Diy drum shade chandelier

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Drum Shade Chandelier

ChandeliersStunning Drum Shade Chandelier springfield linen shade chandelier are classy and never fail to make statements for your house décor. The DIY explained in this article is supper easy and inexpensive way to male drum shade chandelier from your old chandelier without electrical work. Here we go –

Materials needed –

2-Hoops of appropriate size
1 light panel (commercial Plexiglas)
White cotton cloth
Fabric of your choice for outer sidCool Drum Shade Chandelier modern crystal bead shadee of the drum shade.
Hot gun glue.

Method –

Measure the size i.e. the diameter and length of your chandelier. Select a hoops of at least 3 inches bigger than the diameter of the chandelier.
Cut the cloth of size equal to the diameter and few inches extra to the length of the drum shade.
Fold the Plexiglas and stick it with glue there. Do this on either side of the Plexiglas. Stunning Drum Shade Chandelier large drum shade chandelierAttach holding clips on the hoops to make Plexiglas stay there till it completely sticks adheres.
Adapting cloth to the shade can be done in two different ways – either you can stitch the white cloth and fabric together and adapt on the shade or keep it simple by sticking it to the shade with glue.
We chose the second option. You can avoid white cotton cloth, if your outer cloth has white base iDrum Shade Chandelier drum shade circlet lanternn it. Ours was a net cloth so we used white fabric beneath.
First adapt the white cloth on the edges of the shade and then secure them with pins there. Remove each pin at a time and add glue on inner side of hoop and secure the cloth on it. Likewise finish the entire rim of both hoops. Let it dry out completely.
Repeat the same process as above with the out fabric.
We added a satin ribbon of almosDrum Shade Chandelier trellis drum shade chandelier -t similar color on the edges of the shade to add more edge to it. However, this is completely optional.
Once all sticking is done, add key eyelet hooks on the hoop of upper side of the shade. Now pass fishing lines from the hooks and attach it to the chandelier that was original on the ceiling, thus your drum shade chandelier is ready.

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