Diy candle light flush wall sconce

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Wall sconce are effective task light in lightinSconce Candle Holders 2 black iron french hurricane g fixtures. They can be easily adapted in any style of designing be it contemporary or traditional. Here we have given the DIY for the flush wall scones with the help of candle light. Flush wall sconces can be used in bathrooms, hallways or near seating arrangement if located near wall. Using scented candles instead of simple ones will add to aura around along with diffused light coming from the cSconce Candle Holders rustic wall decor, wall sconce,andle sconces. Flushed wall scones look best when placed in pairs or in series like in entryways or hallways.

Material needed for making this sconce –

– Hand saw (not pictured)

– Reclaimed wood

– Nails with small nail head

– 1′ malleable wire and wire cutters

– Gold spray paint

– 4 thumb tacks<Sconce Candle Holders 311h04002 qainxfv/p>

– Wood glue

– 2′ gold chain

– Scotch Blue Painters Tape

– Glass hurricanes with coordinating pillar candles

– Hammer

– Glass shade

Method –

Step 1 –

Cutting the wooden pieces to appropriate size is essential at first. These has to be decided on the basis of the furniture Sconce Candle Holders hurricane wall sconce candle holderor décor to be placed around it. To gather more interest cut the top of the wooden piece in small triangle shape.

Step 2 –

Stick the small piece on the front side of the larger wooden piece, also leave 2 inches space below this joint. Let it dry out completely. Usually it takes 4- 5 hours to dry completely. Once dried well, add nails from the backside to make it more strong.Sconce Candle Holders best 25+ candle wall sconces

Step 3 –

Cover ¾th of the larger wood with tape and paint the remaining area with gold paint. As the paint dries, collect those small nails.

Step 4 –

Add small nails on either side of the smaller and larger wooden piece. Attach that gold string to these nails.

Step 5 –

The glass shade should be mounted on this prepared sconce. It is important tSconce Candle Holders iron wall sconce candle holdero have shade of similar shape of shade or beautiful glass that can cover the candle and produce diffused lights.

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