Different light effects of sconce and their use

Different light effects of sconce and their use

Sconce is light fixtures that hang flush against the wall. Sconce finds their use both in decorative as well as task lighting needs of a household due to the fact that they offer a unique lighting pattern that most other lighting fixtures do not. There are different light effects of sconce which offer light at different degrees and angles. Their uses are also explained in this article.

Upward Light Effect

This type of sconce offers light in an upward direction, thus illuminating the ceiling and area surrounding it. You can position the sconce at varying lengths from the ceiling in order to achieve different illumination degrees on both the wall and ceiling. This type of sconce is best used when you need to make your room appear to be larger than it really is. The rooms include, dining room, hallway, living room or entry way.

Downward Light Effect

Light here is illuminated downwards. You can use a sconce that will allow light to escape only in the downward direction. By doing this, the room will look grounded and have an inviting and warm feel. You can thus use this type of sconce in rooms that are large and airy.

Up/Down Light Effect

Just as the name suggests the up/down light effects illuminates light both upwards and downwards. You can thus use this type to illuminate areas that need illumination in both directions. The room will thus have balanced illumination. This type of sconce finds use in bathroom task lighting.

Candle Style Effect

Just as the name suggests, these sconce offer a candle like effect in the room. Their wattage is thus minimized and cannot be used to illuminate the whole room. They are thus best used to create an intimate ambiance.

These are the main illumination effects you will get from most wall sconce. Apart from the illumination effect, the sconce also comes in different styles and makes. There are the swing arm sconces that are used in place of a lamp. They are thus suited for task lighting in reading tables, nurseries as well as bedsides. The picture lights are best used to draw attention to an art piece by focusing light on it.

You can vary the amount of light coming from the sconce by use of a dimmer. There is also the use of different types of materials for the sconce. If you use transparent material more light will come through than if you use a slightly opaque light. You can also have as many as three bulbs in one sconce.


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