Designs of tiffany lighting

Designs of tiffany lighting

Tiffany lighting is one of the ways of seeing that a house, a building or a place is properly illuminated by use of tiffany lamps. These are lamps designed in a special way such that they have a glass shade. In most instances the glass shade is made of stained glass which increases the beauty of the lamp. For a very long time people have been made to believe that tiffany lighting makes good use of lamps which are  stained with lead. There are various designs which can be used in this type of lighting and they include:

Geometric designs

Designs which resemble geometric shapes are attractive. This design includes shapes like oval, rectangle and triangle. The lamp is made in such a way that their outlook takes one of these geometric shapes. People who opt to use these designs have a wide range of shapes from which they can choose from.

Flower-shaped designs

The second form of design takes the outlook of flowers. The craftsmen strive to come up with a structure similar to a certain flower which appeals to human being beings. Apart from making the lamps to look like flowers one can also make them to resemble a spider with its web, a dragonfly, a butterfly or feathers of a certain bird.

Irregular upper crown border designs

The third category of designs has an irregular crown at the upper part of the lamp and a border at the bottom. They do not take any definite shape or structure. The part which is irregular tends to be different from one lamp to another. This means that this design of tiffany lighting can have several appearances. The only thing which remains constant is the border at the bottom of the lamb.

Irregular lower crown border designs

This design is similar to that one of irregular upper crown border but the only difference is that the crown which is at the upper part of the lamb has been shifted to the lower part of the lamb. The border which appears at the bottom part of the lamb now appears at the upper part of the lamb.

Flowered cone designs

This design takes the shape of a cone but now with additional decorations which come in the form of flowers. For this case there are different types of flowers depending on which one is more appealing to the eye. The use of different flowers is meant to provide a wide range of such lamps. Apart from the above discussed designs, there is a globe flowered design. This design is similar to the flowered cone design but the only difference is that the cone is replaced by a globe-shaped structure.


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