Decorative ceiling lights ideas

Decorative ceiling lights ideas

If you are an early bird in style and decoration field you may be unaware of some terminologies commonly used. This article will give you a brief discussion about ceiling lights. When talking about ceiling lights you may have heard terms such as flush mounts and semi-flush often. What are they? These are basically two types of decorative ceiling lights.

Flush mounts and semi-flush lighting

Flush mounts mean that there is no space between fixture and ceiling and fixture is directly linked to ceiling however if the fixture is indirectly attached to ceiling with a stem or cord or a frame it is called semi-flush ceiling light. The extra opportunity between ceiling and semi-flush lights helps it to reveal the style and pattern of stem more gaudily. Both types of lighting are renowned for creating eclectic look to the space. They work well for both high as well as low ceilings. They address the high population gathering well by providing sufficient luminance and light.

Installing decorative ceiling lights

If you are investing in fancy and decorative ceiling lights and you want to preserve the grand look of your fixture make sure to take care of dimensions and measurements. Maintain a minimum distance of 7feet from floor to low end of ceiling light. Each 8-10 feet space is occupied by a light. Also ensure that depending upon area ceiling lights is comparable in sizes. For a medium size room 4-6 lights will generate enormous amount of light however for larger places like dining and living room series of ceiling lights will work. You can further enhance lighting pattern with wall sconces, but installing dimensions of wall sconces varies from ceiling lights. They need to be installed with 6feet high from ground with 6-8 feet spacing between them.

Few decorative ceiling lights with purposes

Nickel wide ceiling light, bronze ceiling light, industrial cage dark rust ceiling light, blooming lotus ceiling lights and galvanized ceiling lights are few of many available options. Wide ceiling light can be used in powder room because great lighting will enable you to achieve maximum brightness for makeover. Galvanized ceiling light can help you if you are pursuing any specific theme may be like Titanic. Nowadays LED’s are installed in lights to conserve energy and reduce electricity bill to a large extent. The not only justify your lighting requirement but also reduces burden on your pockets.

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