Decoration using glass lamps

Decoration using glass lamps

Ever wondered about something that you can use in your house that is both productive and attractive? Lamp is the right answer, they can be aesthetically appealing as well as work as a source of light. Lamps occupy less space and can be used in almost every place that you want like – dining-room, kitchen, and bedroom, anywhere. It can also be placed as side-lamps for bed which can be easily accessible from the bed at night or any other situation you might need light for. There are many types of lamps, some which focuses on its design and others which focuses on performance. There are lamps with adjustable stands and many other specifications like that. Lamps are easy to set up, easy to replace, and regular lamps costs much less than other light sources in the market.

Glass shade Lamps

Out of the many different types of lamps, Glass lamps are very popular nowadays. It’s very different from the normal lamps with shades and is bit more expensive too. Glass lamps are more beautiful and attractive than all other types of lamps, even when it’s turned off. The shiny appearance of the glass lamp when placed on a glass surface (like a glass top table) will make it look even more gorgeous. When it is turned on, the light is passed on through the glass and we all know how beautiful that looks like. Depending on the type of Glass lamp you purchase, the refraction through the glass determines how much the lamp shines. If the glass has designs on it, it’s better to place the lamp in a corner as the designs will be clearly visible on the adjacent walls when the lights passes through it.

Glass Base Lamps

Glass lamps is also used to refer lamps with glass as its base. The base is made into different kinds of shapes while using shades on top. In this case, the base is mainly seen in the shape or an urn while shapes like bowls, spheres, tear drops and all are also popular. The glass base is rarely left empty. The empty base usually reflects a small amount of light when it is turned on at night making it glow. In other cases, the glass base is filled with stones, water (while safely protecting the wiring if there is any through the base), or any other shiny materials purely for decorative purposes.

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