Decor the living room with brass floor lamp

Decor the living room with brass floor lamp

As the name shows these are the brass floor lamps that are usually available in all kind of shapes, styles and sizes. These floor lamps can be placed at any corner of a sitting room or drawing room to lit up the area of the room.

The standing lamps usually hold one shade with a single bulb lit on it. Some times more than one shades are also attached with the lamp. The brass floor lamps are made with antique material brass and to make them more attractive these are designed with unique shapes and colors.

From the wide range of style and sizes first of all we will discuss about simple outdoor brass floor lamps.

Outdoor Simple Brass Floor Lamps:

These are made to place outside the home may be at a patio or lawn. These standing lamps provide a warm light outside. The shade of this lamp is made up of such material that do not allow dirt to fix on it or we can say that the shade of these brass floor lamps is dirt repellent. Mostly the textilene material is used to make the shade. This material is a mixture of fiberglass and plastic and is durable enough to survive all the weather conditions while being placed outside. Usually it is suggested that these brass floor lamps should not be placed outside because of their unique and expensive material.

The base material of this standing lamp is cast iron added with brass to maximize the stability of this lamp. Heights available in this floor lamp are 120 cm or 205 cm. because these are made to be used outside so these are designed to be made like weather proof. Besides everything it is a fact that wherever these lamps are placed they create a romantic environment with cozy feeling white light.

Modern Style Floor Lamps:

There are a number of latest designs and styles in brass floor lamp, where traditional style is mixed with modern style. Most of them are for decoration purpose also. These are decorated at luxurious hotels, lavish drawing rooms and conference rooms to add more to the elegance of that room. One of the most gorgeous design of these modern style floor lamp is flowered standing lamp.

Flowered Standing Lamp:

This brass floor lamp is mostly used for hotel decoration. The main feature of this lamp is its shape and design. It has an uplift lighting system. There is no separate shade attached to this lamp instead the lamp is in a single piece with its upper side designed just to reflect the shape of a flower. The material used is wrinkled fabric. Simple LED lights are used to lit this lamp.

Glorify your home with the decoration of  brass standing lamps at your place.

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