Cool lamps design to add to your living space

Ideas of Glass Bedside Lamps glass and crystal table lamps

The right choice of lamp can instantly light upIdeas of Glass Bedside Lamps glass and crystal any dark corner in your living space. These are available in a plethora of shapes, designs, dimensions, lighting abilities and colors. You can easily alter the lighting tone of any corner of the rooms by choosing the right lamp. These are available in a multitude of designs that one can make a statement with their appropriate use. Here are few cool lamps design that you can consider incorporatingStunning Glass Bedside Lamps glass bedside lamps photo in your living pad.

Coin Cool Lamps designed by Jethora Macey

This lamp requires the user to insert a coin into the lamp to light it up. Moreover, the lamp has been set specially to a pre-determined time with some sort of internal mechanism. This lamp turns out to be the first design that has been launched in a range which is entirely based on the concept of reward and valueGlass Bedside Lamps 25+ best bedside lamp ideass. It aims at creating an awareness of consumption by bringing about a change in the design.

Mushroom Cool Lamps

This has one of the coolest design and structuring. This is not power efficient though. The design would remind you of the mushrooms of the famous game of Mario. Kids at your home will certainly fall in love with this.

Torn Lighting designed by Billy May <Glass Bedside Lamps glass bedside lamps flower inside/b>

This is really an interesting concept. You can use this perfectly on the wall and have it disguised. LED lights are concealed with the installation and will make people wonder whether light is being leaked through the holes in the wall. These lamps are painted to match the colors on your wall. This lamp is available in multiple shapes and designs and can be utilized on flat surfaces as Best Glass Bedside Lamps bacchus glass table bedsidewell as around wall corners.

Stacked Rock Lamp 

This will certainly grab a lot of attention from the visitors at home. Lamps usually don’t get much attention from people. When people will look at the design of this lamp, it will make them wonder how any rock can remain in a fixed position on its own. The design consists of rocks being fixed in the form of a pillar and the Best Glass Bedside Lamps alana luster glass tablelight cascades down through the setup in the form of a waterfall.

Memento Lamp  

This is a minimal lighting fixture that traces its roots to Japan. Dramatic shadows of numerous shapes are cast on the walls and desk by this lamp while it just sits on a tabletop. Currently, it’s available only in Japan and hopefully someday it will be available in all other parts of the world.


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