Contemporary floor reading lamps for your reading room

Contemporary floor reading lamps for your reading room

Reading is a very important part of the activities humans have to carry out, almost on a daily basis. There are many reasons why we read, including studying for exam, an interview or just to gain more moment. There are also a number of instances where we read for fun. In all of these, having the right lighting is important, as reading with the wrong type of light could be damaging to the eyes. If you have a reading room or any room where you read, it is important to get the right reading lamp for your room. Here are some things to consider when getting contemporary floor reading lamps for your reading room.

Quantity of light

It is very important for reading lamps to have a very high amount of light. The light should be bright, warm, comfortable and not harsh on the eyes. This will help in creating an environment where you would be able to read comfortably without putting your eyes in harm’s way. White and yellow lights are the most popular type of light for reading.

Height of the lamp

A short floor reading lamp is not advisable as it might not be able to give adequate light to the top of your table. In line with this, it will be best to opt for a tall reading lamp so that the part of the lamp where you place the bulb is above the top of your table. This way, you will be sure of getting enough light on your table, as opposed to when most of the light is going below the table because the height of the lamp is not high enough.

Positioning of the lamp

The place you also place the lamp is also very important. You do not want to place the lamp in a location that is too far away from the part of the room that you are reading. It is best if you place the lamp as close to your reading table as possible. With this, you will be able to get adequate light for reading without having to strain your eyes.


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