Commercial pendant light fixtures – types and tips

Commercial pendant light fixtures – types and tips

Pendant lighting could be almost compared to a scaled down version of chandelier lighting, generally involving one lighting fixture. This gives one the freedom to use them in any number as one wants. For example, instead of buying one expensive chandelier, buying 3 or 4 commercial pendant light fixtures in different styles and hanging them at the center of house in a particular pattern gives a fresh and unconventional outlook to the room itself.

Commercial pendant light fixture could be classified in to two major categories.

  • Indirect pendant lighting fixture – Here the light is directed in the upward direction, where it’s further reflected from the ceiling of the house, thereby lighting up the room.
  • Direct pendant lighting fixture – Here the light is dissipated directly from the lighting shade in the downward direction.

Such type of fixtures are quite common in the commercial building, where they find efficient use and also result in low power consumption.

Here are the most common types of commercial pendant light fixtures.


Glass is a material which is synonymous with lighting. The simple reason being that glass dissipates the maximum amount of light to the surrounding. This type of lighting fixture could come in a variety of glass shades, like transparent, translucent and opaque. The opaque ones are most common as the indirect pendant lighting fixture.


Metallic fixtures are more commonly found in form of reflectors which direct the light in a particular direction. They also find their usage equally in the form of direct and indirect lighting fixtures. Among the indirect ones they generally hold the fluorescent lamps. Such lamps are found in big halls, most commonly in official buildings. The direct lighting fixture come in a wide variety of bold colors, adding style quotient to these lighting fixtures.


Drum fixtures are quite uncommon in commercial buildings, as they are relatively expensive than the other types of the fixtures. They generally have a uniform color and surround the light in the form of the shade. The shade material used here is linen. The big positive here for this fixture in the ambience of the light that it dissipates. This type of light fixture is generally found in restaurants where it gives a great ambience along with the style of the restaurant.


Led fixtures are the latest to join the variants of the commercial pendant light fixtures. They are part of the direct pendant lighting fixture family. Their unique design creates many options for one to choose any number of led lights for the rooms. They are known for their longevity.

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