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Lighting is a major aspect of any building, be Low Voltage Lighting Systems running low voltage wire it residential or commercial. When it comes to commercial buildings one needs to consider a number of factors compared to a residential one. The application of such a lighting fixture could be many and there are different lightings and fixtures for specific applications. These could vary from outdoor lighting, lighting for auditoriums, theatres, roadways, security, etc. The commercial lighting fixFashionable Low Voltage Lighting Systems patent drawingture is categorized broadly into three major categories for each of the application based on the type of lighting.

Here are the 3 major categories.

Filament lamp lighting fixtures

Also known as incandescent lighting fixture, this type of commercial lighting fixture is typically used in residential locations. It is more focused towards residential complexes and apartmentCool Low Voltage Lighting Systems ge low voltages. They are a great implementations outdoors around the residential buildings. The light from such lamps are soft and have a limited range. One disadvantage here is these lamps are relatively short lived. However, with the advent of the LED lights these are changing slowly, at least in terms of longevity and consuming less power. The incandescent fixtures for incandescent lamps and LED lamps are mImages of Low Voltage Lighting Systems ge lowade uniform, to keep the same form factor for both the lamps.

Fluorescent lighting fixture

This type of commercial lighting fixture is specifically for regions which need bright light in darkness. Typically the storage areas in industries, security locations, production houses, assembly lines, etc. are known to use such lighting fixture. They are known to give off bright lightLow Voltage Lighting Systems ge low voltage lighting making it less straining for the eyes compared to the incandescent light fixtures. Earlier they used to available in the form of elongated glass lamp with mercury inside. Over the years with the improvement of technology another type of fluorescent lamps called CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) were developed which use a smaller form factor, similar to incandescent lighting fixture but are still briLow Voltage Lighting Systems just a flip andght of the order of a typical fluorescent lamp. The CFL lighting fixtures are also known to consume lesser power than the conventional lamps.

HID lamp lighting fixture

High intensity discharge lamp lighting fixtures are used to cover a wide area and are specifically used for outdoor applications. This type of commercial lighting fixture is most suitable in locations like the auditoriums, outdoor sports arena, roadways, highways, etc. Compared to the other two this type of lighting fixture is not suitable for residential building at as they give out very high intensity bright light, which could be put a lot of strain on the eyes. They are also known to consume a lot of power and hence are typically suited for outdoors.

The LED lighting brings out a whole new dimension to commercial lighting fixtures and their applications, and, they are developed to keep the current form factor, which saves a lot in terms of infrastructure cost.

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