Choosing the right lamp base

Choosing the right lamp base

Ever wondered about something that you can use in your house that is both productive and attractive? Lamp is the right answer, they can be aesthetically appealing as well as work as a source of light. Lamps occupy less space and can be used in almost every place that you want like – dining-room, kitchen, and bedroom, anywhere. It can also be placed as side-lamps for bed which can be easily accessible from the bed at night or any other situation you might need light for. There are many types of lamps, some which focuses on its design and others which focuses on performance. There are lamps with adjustable stands and many other specifications like that.


Like the shades of a lamp, the Lamp Base is also something to be carefully checked. It does not have anything to do with the performance or any working aspect of the lamp, it is strictly visual (exception in case of lamps with adjustable base). The base is what provides the look of the lamp while the shade provides the color and design (if any) of light. So this is what really matters to whether or not the lamp fits in the room when it is not turned on. There are a variety of Lamp base designs that can give it any look ranging from antique to modern look. In time, the need arises for newer and better designs and uses of the base. Most of the desk lamps nowadays comes with flexible arms which can turn just up-down or right-left. This design was later improved further more creating flexible base arms with hundreds of smaller segments so that the arm can be turned in any angular direction. Another noticeable improvement is the absence of switches in latest designs. Instead it comes with touch sensitive buttons that is proved much more convenient. Also the brightness of these lamps are now adjustable with the help of similar touch sensitive Lamp bases.

Placing it

The selection of lamp base, like any other room accessory must match the furnishing of the room. Never try to match modern looking lamp base with antique looking chair or table. Lamps are best placed in corners of a room, that way the light closely illuminates the adjacent sides with the beautiful designs of the lamp shade. Another place where a lamp would look good is under a painting that is on the wall. In such cases make sure the Lamp base matches with the frame of the painting.


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