Choosing a hanging black pendant light

Choosing a hanging black pendant light

Almost always when a space is designed at the least it is thought in lighting. The point of light of the hanging lamps is situated in the upper area and from it hangs a cable that holds the lamp itself or luminaire. The way to illuminate is from top to bottom, so you must know where to place it, since that depends on the lighting that will be in space.

Low ceiling

In case the ceiling is low, it is better to place a single lamp so that the focus point is itself. If you place them in the room, opt for light fixtures, recessed luminaires, ceiling lights or light scenes based on a combination of wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps.

Consider height

If you wonder about the height you should consider, the first thing you should know is that you should not hang them up so high. Lower the cable. It can count between 70 or 80 inches and take that reference as the lower level of the lamp.

For corner

In the case that you place several lamps in a free corner, let them hang to several sizes and the smaller one place it below the line of the eyes.

Color of wall

The color of the walls helps to highlight and integrate the presence of the lamps, especially the ceiling. If the goal is to define the contour of finished models in white, the best are the medium tones such as gray, tan or brown.


Chandeliers do not go out of style with their traditional glass, however, new versions such as black, red and steel are now available, which also fit both in classic environments and in more modern spaces.

Warmth Color

The orange and yellow tones bring warmth. For the bedroom, warm tones are advisable, such as red or orange. Blue and white are ideal for bathing and cooking, where you need very intense light bulbs.

It is important to know, when deciding the hanging lamp, the material type of which is made. It can be made of glass (recommended for the room), metal, PVC, aluminum or plastic, the latter is ideal for children’s rooms.



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