Cheapest hanging bedside lamps

Cheapest hanging bedside lamps

Nothing is more fancy than a hanging bedside lamp. Hanging lamps also tend to become star attraction of the room. But they are equally expensive to purchase. So what, just because they are expensive you should not be devoid o them. We are bringing to you some easy ways to have these hanging bedside lamps in cheap way, all you will need is some simple items and little efforts to make them. Ready to roll?

  1. Use old lamps shades –

Old lamp shade can be purchased from any local garage sale. Color or design them as per needed. Use stencils, lace, sequins, geometric designs and patterns as you like. Now with the help of an electrician make necessary sockets and arrangement on the ceiling to hang this lamp shade and bulb which will come inside this. You can also opt for colored light bulbs if you don’t want to color or design lamp shade. Hang them to the arrangement done by the electrician and your very own cheap pendant light or hanging bedside lamp is ready.

  1. Paper lanterns –

If you don’t want to use lamp shade you can even choose paper lanterns. Take your pick from the many available in market. Now mix water and white glue, half – half in a bowl. Apply multiple coats of this on the paper lantern, it will make your lantern strong enough to survive few months. Now if you like those colored, use few coats of spray paints or add glitters to it. With same arrangements as above on the ceiling, this paper lantern can also be used as pendant light with relatively cheaper price.

  1. Mini chandelier –

Did you wish to have a mini chandelier but where not ready to pay that much? Well now this is possible. All you will need is hula hoop and LED lights. You can find something even small than that if you want smaller light arrangement. Take hula hoop and paint it in required color. With the help of thread or any colured string tie the LED light chain around the hula in a falling pattern. Cover the entire circumference in this wall. All you need now is hook to attach this to the ceiling and your hanging bedside lamp is ready.

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