Chandeliers lighting collections to give your home an amazing look

Chandeliers lighting collections to give your home an amazing look

A chandelier is the most artistic way to add a touch of style, color and personality to your home. These royal and magnificent light fixtures are no longer the prerogative of the formal dining rooms and the entranceways.Chandeliers are now being installed almost anywhere from simple homes to magnificent mansions.  Contemporary designers are now installing chandeliers lighting collections at focal points in the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even in powder rooms or the walk-in-closets.

Chandeliers—Various Styles

Always go for a chandelier that will complement your décor and space. Chandeliers have become quite versatile from the spectacular crystal chandeliers to the modern ones that come in varied colors and shapes. You can go for a polished nickel and chrome metal finish or the wood and beaded ones. Miniature decorative chandeliers are best suited for small spaces like a bedroom, a kid’s room or the bathroom.  Though crystal chandeliers reflect light, they come in many colors to complement the décor of your home creating an ornamental look. Create a dramatic look for the living room or the dining room with a big imposing modern or traditional chandelier that feature sparkling geometric shapes like cubes, rectangles, pyramids and spirals.

Selecting the Best Chandelier For A Room

An ornate chandelier is like an investment that will add to the value of the house. While selecting a chandelier for your home it is best to go with the predominant color of the room where it has to be installed. An ornamental and decorative chandelier will suit a traditional room. On the other hand in modern homes chandeliers with clean well defined lines will be perfect. Chandeliers have dimmers attached so that the intensity of light can be effectively controlled. Actually the light of chandeliers is often more than is needed in the room so dimmers can adjust the light accordingly. You can even create your own chandelier with a cluster of pendant lights hung from the ceiling at strategic points.

Chandeliers lighting collections make a dramatic visual statement the minute you enter a room setting the tone for the overall décor. A two or three tiered chandelier will illuminate the space in a better way. For the perfect look guidelines for hanging a chandelier should be followed. Chandeliers should be hung about 32 inches above the table in a room that has 8’ ceilings.

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