Brighten up your home with light fixture

Brighten up your home with light fixture


A bright and shiny home gives a sense of calm and soothe to the family members. A dull and gloomy home never leave pleasant impression on the moods of family members. Various kind of lighting fixtures are available in the market now. All of them are different from each other in one way or other. Here we are going to list some of the specific types in lighting fixtures.


There are various types of light fixtures, some are listed as under;

  • Fan lights
  • Pendants
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall fixture
  • Ceiling lights


There are three basic styles in light fixture style and these are,

  • Classic
  • Fresh traditional
  • Transitional i.e. from old traditional style to modern one.


This style gives a vintage look. They are designed on the old traditional European furniture style. They emit a hand crafted finish. The features of these kind of classic style light fixture looks quite antique with one or more than one light shades. The fixture of this classical style lights imparts an elegant impression on the place where these are fixed.


As the name shows these do not give an antique look rather they are designed with modern style and finishing. The shape of these modern style light fixtures is made with refined finish. They are quite durable and made with latest materials available in market.


These kind of lighting fixture are a blend of traditional plus modern style, from old to modernized style with materials that are most durable and refined. They are a symbol of simplicity and elegance and leave a soft impression on the eyes of people.

There are different types of light fixtures of each room and area in a house. For example the lighting fixture for the drawing room will be entirely different from that of a kitchen. Similarly, the lighting fixture of a bathroom will have no resemblance with the lighting style of a bedroom. For a detailed and in depth look, we are going to discuss few of the differences in the light fixtures of a home.


As the kitchen is the place that is the center of different activities throughout the day so the lighting fixture to be used here must be very much functional and practical. A kitchen does not require fancy chandeliers or spot lights.


As compared to kitchen a drawing room requires fancy lighting fixtures like huge chandeliers or side standing lights. More than a single style of lighting will be preferred for a more shiny look.

There is a vast choice of styles available in light fixture to turn your home bright.


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