Beautiful table lamps – what makes one a beautiful lamp

Beautiful table lamps – what makes one a beautiful lamp

Table lamps are commonly found in all the houses and they serve the purpose of providing light to a very small area around them. There are two rooms where one could find the table lamps commonly; the bedroom, by the bedside and the study room, on the study table. They both serve the purpose of focusing the light on a particular area for better vision of the subject. However, table lamps need not be limited to these purposes and these rooms only. Beautiful table lamps find acceptance in other rooms too. Here they serve the purpose of complementing the furniture well and adding the extra spice in terms of beauty to the room. One must remember that table lamps are not used to light up the entire room but are used as supporting lighting devices.

So what is it that makes a table lamp, a beautiful table lamp?

The Head

The first or top part of a table lamp which is responsible for holding and dissipating light. The head of the table lamp comes in different forms, shapes, materials, etc. and this is the part that displays the beauty of a beautiful table lamp. The most common among the beautiful table lamp is the Tiffany table lamp, also known as the stained glass table lamp. This type of table lamp contains different colors of stained glass on its head and light is dissipated through them. This makes a compelling display of lights in different shades, enhancing the beauty of the lamp and its surrounding. Apart from stained glass, the other form of head is a crystal head which has real crystals. This type is close to stained glass in terms of beauty as they crystal disperses the light into different colors. Both these types here could be quite expensive. The most common head among all and cheapest one is the translucent material head which is made of translucent material.

The Base

The base of a beautiful table lamp is a place which is stored for craftwork. The base of the table lamp could come is wide variety of materials and they generally go with the head. For example, the Tiffany table lamp generally comes with brass metallic base, with some craftwork. However the cheaper ones among the Tiffany table lamps come in wooden or other materials. The most commonly used materials for the base of the table lamps are metal, wood and plastic. Some metallic and wooden bases are expensive. The plastic ones are usually the cheaper options.

Contemporary Table lamps

Apart from these two major parts of a beautiful table lamp, in recent times the contemporary styled table lamps have emerged giving competition to the conventional table lamps. The invention and commercialization of LED lights have opened up of brand new segment for table lamps and one can get creative to come out with a unique and one piece of beautiful table lamp.


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