Basics of track lighting

Basics of track lighting

Track lighting is procedure of affixing light fittings and fixtures along with a specified pathway or passage normally called as track device. This track device is equipped with electrical conductors. Ceilings and walls are now embellished with track lighting.

Why to use track lighting?

  • Tracks are fitted on ceilings and along walls to cover the spaces elegantly converting free spaces to beautifully crafted master pieces.
  • They can turn places from drab to fab. Not only decorative but functional in nature track lights can convert dark areas of home into enlighten areas.
  • Along with domestic purpose track lights can be used for powerful spot lights (extensively used in fashion shows and ramp modelling), flood lights
  • (During day and night matches) and hanging or pendant lights (mostly in hotels).

Track lights installed on runways enable safe landing of aircrafts. Track lights can easily encompass larger areas directly using mains power supply.

Installation of track light

If you want to be benefitted with advantages of track lighting system then you are bound to hire the services of reputed and reliable electrician. The electrician will ensure proper cutting and trimming of wires and tracks into desired lengths by making precise measurements. After that it is to be ensured that terminals are inserted according to their polarities keeping the continuity of conductors intact.

Track light and track type

It is to be kept in mind that track lighting system is a combination of track light and track type. For optimum results the combination of these two things should be perfect and ideal. Every track light can’t be fixed on every track type. So there is a good chance that track light and track type to be purchased from same company as different company for different product will not allow you to install track lighting system. Halo, Juno and Lightolier were among the prime manufacturers of track lighting system and they developed three standards for that purpose. Reputed companies produce such type of fittings and fixtures that can easily go with all these three standards. Single circuit and double circuit configurations are the practiced configuration types for these systems.

Straight, curved, waved and hanging track lighting patterns are few to many available styles and designs. Also you can add different number of track lights to a track e.g. 3Light straight cylinder track, 6light track light, 5 light decorative flexible track light.

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