An overview of ceiling light covers

An overview of ceiling light covers

Lighting the ceilings is an essential task when it comes to getting a house that looks nice and where the good atmosphere breathes everywhere. Here are a few tips to choose the right lighting and perfect for a small space in the home.

Size of the light

In small spaces, the first great aspect to be avoided always, is to use lamps that are too large because they reduce the space more and create a claustrophobic environment not advisable for the area in question. It is best to opt for small lamps that help extend the entire space.

In addition, when choosing the right ceiling light covers, it is advisable to use lamps with a dim light that do not disturb and that do not disturb the whole room or room, except in the work or reading areas.

Very low ceilings.

Hundreds of models can now be found that fit low ceilings and barely take up space. Another very interesting way to save space is to use several spotlights in the ceiling itself.

If the roofs of the house are too low, it is advisable to forget about the classic ceiling light covers and to use lamps that are standing or can be placed on a table. It is a perfect way to save space and not to dwarf even more space. Flat ceiling lamps are another great idea when lighting a room with very low ceilings.

Hidden foci

In these cases, the light sources should be embedded in walls and ceilings, so that they are not seen much and can be easily oriented. It is necessary to avoid overloading the small spaces with many lamps as it would produce the opposite effect.

Placing points of light with the beam directed towards the ceiling or walls gives good results. Shadow zones will be created that will mask the size of the room.

Never choose overfilled or oversized lamps, and it is also recommended not to opt for foot models, which take up a lot of space, it is better to replace them with wall mounts that do the same function.

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