An innovative and unique way to illuminate your house through recessed lighting

An innovative and unique way to illuminate your house through recessed lighting

Our home is a place where we spend most of our time. So in order to make this place effective and decorative we need to come up with a lot of innovative options. Apart from having hand-picked, classy furniture you can also think of decorating your house with different kinds of lighting techniques. One such widely used lighting is Recessed lighting. These lightings often have small lights in specific areas to create kind of a spot light for some particular tasks. The main purpose of recessed lighting is to illuminate certain portions of an area to accentuate and bring out specific elements.

Two main components are attached to recessed lighting: the housing assembly and the trimmers. The housing assembly is a bit technical, for which you will need to consult your electrician to know the proper kind of assembly your trimmers need. The trim is the actual light which is reflected out after being placed in the assembly. They come in various shapes and sizes and range into a variety of diameters, from 3 inches to 6 inches. According to your specific need, choose the right trim size and shape for your house.

Such recessed lighting can find way in many places across your house, you can use them in your living room to emphasize on a certain area, or behind the television unit, and you can also use them in your kitchen, inside your trolleys or cupboards. So anywhere you deem them fit.

Certain precautions while choosing them need to be followed.

Determine the wattage.

It is important that you calculate the correct amount of lighting required in your room in terms of its wattage. You can also seek professional help if you have difficulty in finding out the correct wattage.

Number of lights

The exact amount of fixtures, or trims required should be known beforehand. You can also choose the type of bulb that you will require, whether LED or halogen.

Placing the trim

After you have made up your mind about all the technicalities to be used, and you have also chosen the correct type of trim you will need, it is time to actually space your trims evenly. It is important that you leave the correct amount of gap in between the trim to give a continuous and even look to your lighting. It should also be placed at the right positions.

For more options in recessed lighting, you can even opt for dimmer switches, which will help you control the amount of light you require, and also save a lot of energy.


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