Ambient lighting from lamp shades for table lamps only

Ambient lighting from lamp shades for table lamps only

Lamps and lampshades make a definite improvement to your room by transforming a simple lamp into a piece of art. The size, shape and proportion of the shade should be considered in relation to the base and function of the table tamp as well as the color, style and material of the shade.

Practical Uses of Lamp Shades

Lampshades serve various purposes. Lampshades are not only a decorative element in a room, rather they shield your eyes from the direct glare of the bulb but direct and focus the light on where it is required. While adding color to your room they funnel the heat away from the bulb. Lampshades are very effective in filtering and diffusing the light to change the ambience between soft and sharp.

Different Types of Lamp Shades

There are different types of lampshades that correlate with different functions. The light that is emitted from the top of the shade bounces off the ceiling to give an ambient light while the light emitted from below the shade produces a light that focuses on the surrounding areas. The shades of the lamp also emit additional light. Light colored shades allow the light to pass through them while darker shades tend to block the light. Taller cylinder shaped shades illuminate by creating a narrow funnel of light while Shallow drum shaped shades produce wide spread light. Bell shaped shades are very popular as they provide elegant light and is best suited for table lamps with a curved base. Other shades are Empire shades, Coolie shades, Oval shades, hexagon and octagon shaped shades, Tiffany shades and Art glass shades. The Tiffany shades feature hundreds of pieces of colored glass into beautiful and intricate designs creating a style statement on your table. In the same way Art glass shades are designed from a toughened glass that can be molded into any shape or design in vibrant colors and multiple hues.

Matching the Right Lamp Shade to Lamp Base

The base of the lamp decides the shape of the lampshade that will be ideally suited to it. A curved table lamp base will be best complemented with a bell shaped shade. Rounded or cylindrical bases tend to suit rounded shades. A thin lamp base will look good with a drum, rectangular or pyramid shaped shade. A square base will be better off with a square shade. At times a colorful exotic shaped base will look best with a simple and plain lampshade.


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