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Light fittings are electrical devices that are Ceiling Light Fittings wilko flush fitting ceiling light used to provide light or illuminate an area artificially in the absence of natural light. Most light fixtures or fittings have a light socket where the bulb is held and a body which is connected to the source of electric power. A light switch is also provided to allow for turning the power on or off. This article discusses a few things about light fittings that might be helpful to most of us.

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Types of Light Fittings

There are different types of light fixtures. One is the ceiling lamp which can either hang from the ceiling or be fixed directly onto or into the ceiling. This will depend with your house’s architectural design. Most homes have this type of light fixture by default as the means by which the whole room can be illuminated. You will thus see light fittings sElegant Ceiling Light Fittings acrylic ice drop lightuch as chandeliers, pendants and flush mounts fitting perfectly in this category.

There are also the wall lamps which are used either for task lighting or for illuminating certain areas in the home. These can be installed by the home owner or can be found there by default. Most areas that adopt the wall light fittings are the bathroom, halls as well as the living room. Light fixtures that fCeiling Light Fittings flush fittings. the flush ceilingit into this category are mostly the sconces that hang flush from the walls of any rooms.

Finally we have the table lamps which are normally placed on the table. They find their use in reading tasks as well as in lighting other tasks performed on the table.

Uses of Light Fittings

It might be obvious that light fixtures are used to provide light, which is true, but thereCeiling Light Fittings carlisle nickel flush 5 light are different ways the light fixtures can be used to provide illumination. There is task lighting where light fixtures are used to illuminate specific tasks such as grooming. There is also ambient lighting where light fixtures are used to illuminate a whole area. Then there’s accent lighting where light fixtures are used to add a little drama in a room by drawing attention to a certain exquisitCeiling Light Fittings ceiling light fittinge piece such as a painting that one might have in the home.

Choosing a Light Fitting

If you are moving into an apartment you will find that the light fixtures are already installed. If however you are constructing a new home, you will have the chance to experiment with the different light fixtures mentioned above to come up with not just the basic but also an elegant light fixture theme for your new home.


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