Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor track lighting

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor track lighting

Outdoor lighting completes a house in terms of illumination. It is usually overlooked, and yet an important part of completing the house when it is built with the right outdoor lighting, suiting the house. The main purpose for the outdoor lighting is to provide just enough light during darkness. It must be noted, that outdoor lighting need not cover a wide area but an area of immediate proximity. One of the favored lighting fixture for such a purpose is the Outdoor sconce, which is successful is giving the rusty, vintage look to the house, and yet look contemporary with modern lamps fit in them. Some of the other outdoor lighting fixtures are landscape lanterns, post lantern, etc.

Here we are looking the different types of outdoor sconces that fit perfectly with any modern house.

Mission Styled

This type outdoor sconce has the lamp completely enclosed within a tinted glass enclosure, which is held together by a metallic chamber in the form of a box. This metallic chamber further extends to connect to wall, through which the wiring goes to the sconce. Straight away we get to know that the light dissipated here is mild, due to the presence of the tinted glass, and also the presence of the metallic chamber which absorbs quite a bit of light, as they have dark colors. The good thing here is that the light is brightens up the region in the immediate proximity and does not overwhelm the entire surrounding.

Rustic Styled

This type of outdoor sconce typically looks like the age old lantern hanging from the wall. These are typically perfect for the wooden houses as they go well with the rustic look of the entire house itself. They do not have any glass chamber. The lamp itself is held from a metallic bracket in the form of circle, which also acts a reflector, out in the open. The other end of the metallic bracket hangs from the wall.  There could be come metallic protection incorporated in the form of slotted shield to protect the lamp. The light dissipated here is comparatively more than the mission styled outdoor sconce.

Country Styled

This type of outdoor sconce is more of a combination of the mission styled and the rustic styled. Generally they don’t include a glass enclosure, however, the metallic bracket itself holds the lamp in the form of box. This type of sconce usually includes a shield enclosure to protect the lamps. The light dissipation here is also similar to the rustic styled outdoor sconce.

Contemporary Styled

This is the most modern of all the outdoor sconce. They differ a lot from the other sconces mentioned here in terms of style and design. They could come in a metallic or wooden holding, with glass enclosure of any form. The only thing that is uniformly maintained in the contemporary styled outdoor sconce is the sleek and simplistic design. Usually they come with tinted glass enclosure which have lesser outdoor light dissipation.

Most of the modern implementation of outdoor sconces come with motion sensors which help cut down a lot in terms of power consumption.


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