Adjustable table lamp, a very useful item

Adjustable table lamp, a very useful item

Table lamps are a basic element in any work desk, because with only the general light, it is not possible to get the right intensity for reading or writing, with visual comfort. On the contrary, the table lamp allows to focus the light on the objects with which we are working, studying, or simply reading.

There is a large variety of adjustable table lamp. They are usually made of metal (aluminum) or plastic, materials that have a greater versatility to be able to elaborate it. As for the colors, the predominant ones are white, black silver or chrome, although they can also be found in bright colors like red, yellow, orange, etc.

What is an adjustable table lamp used for?

In this group are all those lamps that allow adjustment in height, angles and the intensity of light.

They are constructed in two ways, one with a set of hinges that gives them their functionality, the other are those known as “flexible gooseneck”, made with a material that allows the adjustment of height and rotation.

The importance of these lamps is, as its name implies, that allow the adjustment in the height and angulation that is required to give to the light source, thus avoiding undesirable reflections in the eyes, in addition to allowing us to change position and with alone a small adjustment we can focus the light on the target again.

Adjusting the light.

The other adjustable aspect of these table lamps is the intensity of light. For years, when there were only incandescent bulbs, these types of lamps allowed adjustment in two degrees of intensity, high or low. High intensity was used for reading and low as ambient light. Subsequently they were placed dimers, which allowed the adjustment in a greater variety of intensities.

But with the appearance of the LED lights, the quality of the lighting and the degrees of adjustment of the intensity are infinitely superior, adding to it, the multifunctionality obtained by the incorporation of the electronic elements.

Two great advantages of LED lights are the quality of the lighting, since the annoying flickering and efficiency of the luminaire practically disappeared, reducing the energy cost and consequently the electricity bill.

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