a precautionary note for anyone planning to buy lampshades.

 a precautionary note for anyone planning to buy lampshades.

You have gone ahead and decided all about the furniture you want in your house, the theme that you want, the lighting that you prefer in each and every room. But have you ever given thought to the lampshades that you want to use for all the lights in your house. Choosing and utilizing the right lampshades is no rocket science, but the right lampshades will greatly modify even the most boring looking lamp into something worth noticing.

We all have certain tastes in color and patterns according to which we tend to modify or build our house. The same applied to lampshades also. The more you give them thought the more they will help your house look beautiful and elegant to the onlookers. Proper care of course needs to be taken while buying your favorite lampshades, which should serve its purpose and at the same time leave you feeling satisfied with your choice.

While buying these lighting item, you need to do a firsthand precaution test, which can help you better your choice.

Specifications of the lampshades.

It goes without saying that you will need to look at the height, width and shape of the lampshades in proportion to the base while choosing one. The lamp as a rule of thumb should be approximately two thirds of the size of the base to avoid making the lamp look top or bottom heavy. Generally round shades coordinate well with round bases and squares look good with asymmetrical bases. It is a mere suggestion, you can very well experiment with whatever you think suits your room the most.

Location of the lampshades.

More than any other thing, this is the most important aspect of your shade. The correct location can either make or break the whole idea of having a shade. You should be careful while placing them, as if they are placed in a location of heavy traffic, then with its own bulky size it might get in the way of people and make them tumble. Generally the lampshades should not extend the table top it is located on.

Usage of the lampshades.

If you are of the geeky type, then you might want to choose a translucent lampshades which can provide you with the perfect lighting necessary for reading. If you want it just as a decorative lighting item, then you can opt for an opaque one, probably with geometric patterns.

Choose the one which complements the look of your house well.


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