A guide to buying the right track light fixtures

A guide to buying the right track light fixtures

Track light fixtures have been here for a number of years but over the years, the whole lot of them has evolved into something more advanced and state of the art. In the past times, these fixtures used to come with bulky and big fittings. So, they eventually got disliked by people as they wanted something more quaint and attractive. With the passage of time, track light fixtures evolved and the ones that are available in the market these days are very elegant and attractive. Some of the tips that you might find helpful in buying these fixtures are discussed below for your convenience.

Go for the ones having inbuilt transformers

Lighting fixtures are now available with inbuilt transformers. This is the main reason how the traditional track lighting fixtures have evolved into low voltage lighting fixtures. While you are buying track lighting fixtures, you need to go for the ones that come with built in transformers as they are more advanced and safer to use in comparison to the ones without built in transformers.

Buy track lighting fixtures that are smaller in size

It must be kept in mind that when people talk about low voltage track lighting systems, they are usually referring to the track lighting fixtures themselves. The whole evolution from big and bulky fixtures to the present age ones is carried out because people want those fixtures for their homes which are smart and smaller in size. So while shopping for a track light fixture, you need to go for the one that is smaller in size.

Ask for energy efficient bulbs

Low voltage fixtures use different types of bulbs but the ones with energy efficient halogen bulbs are the most recommended ones. The light produced by such bulbs is also a bit different from the other bulbs. They produce a crispy white light while the others usually provide a yellowish shade of light which does not appear much attractive and appealing. In addition to this, halogen bulbs consume energy in a more efficient way so you may also cut down on your electricity bills a bit.

Identify the type of lighting

Track lighting fixtures come in three main categories that are L, J and H types. It is strongly recommended to go for H type lighting because it is comparatively newer in comparison to the other types. Moreover, it comes with some extra advantages when it comes to design.


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