A guide to buy the right pendant lights

A guide to buy the right pendant lights

Pendant lights have become a very popular choice to install in your house these days. Before you start looking for such a light for your house, there are a few things that must be kept in mind in order to find the right ones. Some of these things are described in the paragraphs below.

Types of Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are available in different types and styles. Some of them are pointing in upward direction and are designed to provide ambient light while some of them are pointing in the downward direction and are designed to provide task light. You can make use of the ones providing ambient lighting in your bar, game room, living room, kitchen, hallway, foyer, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. On the other hand, you can use task lighting fixtures someplace where you want a pointed light to perform a task like reading in a study room.

Mini Pendant Lights

Mini pendant lights are a cool choice to meet the requirements of accent or task lighting. They may be used individually or in a group depending upon how much light is required. For instance, you could place such a light above a desk or a sink. Or you could install a group of similar lights above your breakfast bar.

Island Pendant Lights

Island pendant lights are a bit similar to the mini ones and are used for the same purpose of task lighting. They usually have more than one source of light and can be used on a pool table, a desk or a bar.

Pendant Lights having Fabric Shades

Pendant lights having fabric shades are the best option in case you have a traditionally themed house. They provide good amounts of ambient lighting and are meant to be used in a bedroom, kitchen, living room or a foyer. You could also replace the chandelier above your dining table with such a light.

Multi-light Pendant Lights

These lights are meant to provide ambient lighting and have multiple light sources ranging from at least 3 to 10 sources. You can use such a light as a substitute to your chandelier.

Where to buy from

Different types of pendant lights are easily available with retail outlets as well as online stores. If you want to look at a much larger variety at cheaper rates, it is recommended to look them up over the internet.


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