4 benefits to a touch lamp switch that come with dimmer

4 benefits to a touch lamp switch that come with dimmer

This article will help you to know why touch lamp switches that come with dimmer are better in many ways –

1 – Save Energy by Diming the light –

10 % light bill and 90 % of the energy is saved when we dim the lights. As per preset level the dimmer fade the light. By this you can absolute control over how much amount of light you want in the room. Annual saving of nearly $30 can be made using dimmer lights in touch lamp switch. Life of the bulb is also increased by reducing the wattage, as there is damage of the light.

2 – controlled lightings –

You can change light in the room by moving the switch down or up or simply by touch as well. Use of remote control to adjust lights in room can also done thanks to new technologies. Just by pressing a button Touch dimming lights give you a change of lighting. The mood of room can be set by using these lighting switched lighting. Touch lamp switch lights can be used in breakfast nooks, bathroom, bedrooms, and living rooms. Traditional age old light switch would go off fast and didn’t give complete hold over the lightings.

3 – Dimmer Light Switches life span –

When a dimmer is used to keep them on, the light bulbs last longer. Approximately 1/5 of the electricity required will be saved, by reducing the lights by minimum 25%. Lamps last longer if the softer lamp fade is used. Thus a lamp which last just for 5 or 6 months can be used for longer period up to 3 to 4 years.

 4 – Fluorescent Lights diming –

Different effect in the room can be obtained by diming your fluorescent lights. a fluorescent bulb’s color will maintain a cooler look compared to the warm light look obtained from candles. Life of fluorescent bulb cannot be increased like than in case of indecent bulb by dimming it. However, Dimming fluorescent lighting is more convenient and also less expensive in general.



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