2 light wall sconce suitable for hotels and home

2 light wall sconce suitable for hotels and home


Dear customers you must have visited a hotel and saw 2 light wall sconce there and might have thought of getting that kind of sconce in your home. Hotels also need to be ahead in the competition for which decoration is also a component which you should concentrate upon. If you are one of those persons then we have cheering news for you. We here provide all kind of matching light wall sconce suitable for hotels and home. You can choose the best one from our website.


2 light wall sconce which can be applied on two opposite walls radiating light upward as well as laterally, fixed on walls, light weight, new, modern light wall sconces available in different colors and designs, on our website. Sconces are beautiful and made up of glass generally but we have sconces made up of other materials too like aluminium, steel or wood. These are of large size, about 3/4th of the total length of the walls, giving royal impression to visitors in your home or hotel. Radiate multicolored light, no excessive heating, need to have electrical connection, energy efficient, can be used for interior as well as exterior decoration sites.  These sconces are designed by designed experts and are sourced from various corners of the world. Some of the best animal pictures are represented in these sconces.

Website –

We have special website made for you exclusively, where you can choose your favorite pairs of sconces. Just visit our website and find 100s of products at a single platform without worrying about the cost. Prices are very reasonable and because of availability of multiple types of sconces, the price range is also very wide. We provide free delivery facility if you buy 2 pairs at a single stroke. We also provide free movie ticket on buying single pair of sconces. Unique, best and multiple ranges of products are available at a single platform. You just have to order it and it will be at your doorsteps. You can call us by the number which is provided on our site. Look for number of your home state and just book the order.

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