Which are the best chandeliers?

Best Chandeliers bright antique bronze alexander i crystal

Tired and bored with your surroundings? Have yoBest Chandeliers bright antique bronze alexander i crystal u been wishing for a makeover of home but have been frightened off by the daunting costs involved? Well, there is no need to worry any more for simpler affordable options are available : the lovely opulent chandeliers which can transform your old tiresome surroundings into elegant picture perfect settings.


The word chandelier originated from the Latin word candelabrasBest Chandeliers modern chandeliers | modern chandelier lighting which means candle sticks, usually branched , designed to stand on tables.

Selecting a chandelier  

Shopping for chandeliers can be fun if a few pointers are taken note of. First of all make sure that the chandelier goes well with the fabric, material and décor of the room. Next figure out which part of the room catches the eye and which area needs to be highlighted. If theBest Chandeliers best 25+ chandeliers ideas on pinterest room is predominantly traditional in structure and décor go in for an ornate chandelier, but if the room is more contemporary in style select something simpler and subtle.

Size of the chandelier

The size of the chandelier matters a lot. Chandeliers are an important part of the décor scheme. They can make or break the room. Very large chandeliers can overshadow the area andBeautiful Best Chandeliers foyer: contemporary chandeliers with absolute make it look small. If the chandelier is too small, it will look out of place. While selecting the chandelier, it is important to keep in mind the dimensions of the room.


Chandeliers come in varied designs. There are ornate, simple and contemporary styled chandeliers.  The design trend ranges from chandeliers with exposed bulbs to those with large alabaster bowls. TheBest Chandeliers alluring design chandelier in home designre are very simple ones that include faux candles, small bulbs or a few lights. The very classic ones include ornate chandeliers in metals like brass, bronze and even expensive crystal like the Swarovski crystals to glass beads. Each of these has a unique finish and appeal.

The primary purpose of the chandelier is illumination and to this end it is essential to check if the extensions and aBest Chandeliers bronze and crystal chandelierttachments fit neatly. While selecting the bulbs, choose bright clear bulbs in chandeliers with exposed bulbs and crystal ornamentation which will create a magical sparkle. Frosted bulbs produce a soft pleasing glow in chandeliers with fabric shades without casting shadows.

The beauty of the chandelier can be offset and enhanced to a very large extent with the help of layered lighting which helps in creating dramatic effects.


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