What is a touch lamp?

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A touch lamp is a lamp that produces light or iKids Touch Lamp luxury kids touch lamp ... s activated by human touch instead of a flip, pushbutton or any other mechanical switch. These touch lamps are basically used as night lamps or a study lamp placed in desks. They work on the principle of body capacitance.


Touch lamps are also known as touch sensitive lamps as they work with a human touch. First of all they are specialized in shedding lightKids Touch Lamp kids touch lamp photo - on particular concentrated area so during studying, children use these touch lamps which can help them provide a lot of useful concentrated light. In bedrooms these touch lamps are extremely ideal to be placed as bedside lamps because they can help individuals when reading or even to provide with some light in the darkness of the night. A touch lamp is known to be handy as individuals do not needKids Touch Lamp kids touch lamps fmnzavi to carry these lamps everywhere for finding the socket, they can easily adjust the intensity of the light by only touching it. Nowadays lamps do come in various sizes according to the individual needs. Also these touch lamps are said to be extremely convenient and easy to use without any complications as there are no mechanical switches.


As mentioKids Touch Lamp led mini touch table mushroomned earlier, there are no mechanical switches for the activation of these touch lamps. They are sensitive to human touch and there are many properties of the human body that helps in the activation of the touch lamp. First of all it is the temperature of the human body, since the body is generally warmer than the air the lamps can easily be activated with the help of the heat of the human body. SeKids Touch Lamp kids touch lamp photo -condly the human body is made up of water which can conduct electricity very well. Lastly the human body is said to be making a very good antenna which can help activate the lamps.


If a touch lamp is left on permanently or if it doesn’t switches on then the power control transistor should be checked. It might happen that the power control transistor Kids Touch Lamp pixels-touch-table-bedside-lamp-kids-room-matches- dyetilris shorted. Also if one of the lamp blows then the element in the lamp called fuse should be checked for any faults. The most important thing to keep in mind is that one should always be confident enough to check any electrical fault, if the individual is not confident then he should avoid fixing the touch lamp.

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