What are touch desk lamps and why it is essential for your desk?

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Desk lamps are a very vital electronic accessorTouch Desk Lamp 10 things to consider before y to have on your table, as it directs light on the workspace and helps reduce strain and ophthalmological function issues. When working or studying the work area should be properly illuminated or it can cause issues with the eye sight, and make working stressful and uncomfortable. Proper lighting helps individuals see minute details easily this might be missed otherwise, hence improving productivTouch Desk Lamp silvery plating touch desk lampity. Touch desk lamps are lamps which get activated or are controlled by a touch of a finger or hand.

Touch technology: Temperature

The technology used in touch desk lamps is sensitive to human touch and not operated by manual switches. The touch sensor can either be sensitive to temperature or resistance of the human body. Temperature sensors are made of heat sensitive diodesTouch Desk Lamp endon touch desk lamp antique which reach to a change in temperature. Human bodies are warmer than the environment and hence the lamp can be controlled by the human touch.

Touch technology: resistance

The human body is a good conductor of electricity as we are made of 70 percent water. The touch of the human hand on the touch desk lamp can close the circuit of the lamp and illuminate it and act as a switcTouch Desk Lamp 11 in. brushed nickel minih. These types of technology are usually rare to be used as it needs a constant touch to be on and work. Lamps made of this technology will be on and functional as long as the human touch is present and the circuit will break when the hand and the light will turn off.

Touch technology: Capacitance

This is the most common type of technology used in touch desk lamps which use thTouch Desk Lamp touch desk lamp - 2e capacitive nature of the human body. Capacitance is the ability of the object or body to hold electrons in them. Any object or body has a capacitance number and when the human touches a capacitance sensitive touch desk lamp it charges or fills up the electrons in the lamp, hence turning it on. Most touch desk lamps can also control brightness and has different number of touches to adjust the briTouch Desk Lamp le dimmable led desk lamp,ghtness. Most commonly a single touch gives the least brightness and increases with the number of times the lamp is touched. It becomes easier to control the lamp this way.

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