Floor Lamp Black Shade walker black with black and gold shade arc floor lamp

Using black lampshades to create a stunning effect

Did the idea of having black lamp shade on yourFloor Lamp Black Shade walker black with black lamp ever crossed your mind? It is often perceived to be gloomy in appearance but you are surely going to use it after you know these stunning effects it will add to your décor. Nothing will it make your home stunning but dramatic and bold as well. Think about all this effects that can be added by just incorporating a black lampshade. This trend is really hot now to have a sophisticated and gorgFloor Lamp Black Shade britain floor lamp -eous looking home.

Adding white background on wall or in furniture along with black lamp shade will create sleek, modern and elegant look. They make a striking yet inviting look in your house.
Having white pictures frames on the wall behind these black lamp shades also create a magical effect. For some it might appear a cold room then, it will bring in some amount of brightness along with it.Floor Lamp Black Shade impressive chrome floor lamp
Having a correct rectangular piece of lamp shade will increase the effect of lamp to new level. Various fabric like silk and lace can be used to create an edgy look.
Having a neutral background and black lamp shades as focal point also works well. But then make sure to go for bold designs other than normal rectangle or circular ones.

DIY ideas for converting your old lamp shade to black laFloor Lamp Black Shade nickel tripod floor lampmp shade-

Spray paint – add few coats of black paint on the lamp shades. Options such as mat black, get black can also be considered for the lamp shades. Paint the inner side with gold to make it more elegant.
Adding fabric – fabrics like lace, silk or stain can be added on the lamp shades. Hemming the lace at the border of the lamp will create a very sophisticatFloor Lamp Black Shade chrome floor lamp withed look.
Adding little color – when placing these lamps in kids’ room, neon designs or drawing can be made on the lamp shade or can be pasted on it. When the light turn off theses will keep lighting thus keeping them away from dark. White polka dots can also be added to these.



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