Types of electrical lighting fixtures

Electrical Lighting electrical lighting

Electrical light fixtures are fixtures that areImpressive Electrical Lighting electrical lighting installation ormond beach used to produce electrical light by use of an electric lamp. These fixtures will thus require connection to an electrical power source so that they can be able to produce the light. There   are three different types of electrical lighting fixtures which are classified by their method of installation, the function of the light or by the type of lamp the fixture uses. Some of these are discussed Beautiful Electrical Lighting outdoor electrical lighting - gardenin this article.

Portable/Free-Standing Type

This type of electrical light fixture is normally mobile and uses an electric cord plugged into the electric source. A number of lamps find use under this type of light fixtures, which include:

Table lamp fixtures such as the gooseneck lamps, nightlights, and balanced-arm lamps.
Floor lamps such as the torch lamp, gooseneck lamElectrical Lighting electrical lighting type feit electricp and
The bouillotte lamp.

These portable lamps will offer different lighting according to the intended use. Most are used to provide task lighting, such as reading books or illuminating certain areas in a room.

Fixed Light Fixtures

Just as the name suggests, this type of electrical lighting fixtures is immovable and located in just one place. Fixed light fixtures find verElectrical Lighting lightingy common use in all homes in these areas:

Ceiling lighting: This is the general place for placing most electrical light fixtures so as to allow the light to diffuse outward and fill the whole room. The lamp fixtures that are commonly used here include the ceiling dome/flush mount lighting fixtures which are in direct contact with the ceiling.
Recessed lighting: Here the protectiCollection of Electrical Lighting electrical lighting fixturesve housing of the lamp is concealed inside the ceiling. Types of recessed lighting include cove lights, cans and troffers.
Surface: Mounted Lighting. Here the protective housing of the lamp is very visible and mostly hangs from the wall/ceiling. There are very many types of lights that fall in this category, which include chandeliers, pendants, sconces, track lighting as well as the decoratElectrical Lighting indoor fluorescent lightsive ceiling fan lighting fixture.

Special Purpose Light Fixtures

Apart from the above light fixtures which are mostly used to light various areas and tasks at home, there are those electrical light fixtures that are dedicated for special purposes. Some of these include accent light fixtures which are used to illuminate certain objects or special features in a room, flood lights that are used to illuminate outdoor playing fields such as the stadium, strobe lights for producing regular flashes of light as well as the wall-washing lights that find much use in contemporary architecture, museums and galleries to illuminate large surfaces.

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